Tubulus Argentus Xs Kabel

Verbindingskabel ontwikkeld voor Pass Labs Xs versterkers zoals de Xs voorversterker, Xs Phono versterker, Xs 150 en Xs 300 eindversterkers.
Krachtige en neutrale Verbindingskabel kabel, met veel rust, dynamiek en detaillering!

Review quote: “…The soundstage has become even more three-dimensional than before due to the many small details you get aware of now. The music often makes me want to close my eyes, my feet can’t keep from moving with the rhythm, emotions are created, sending shivers down my spine….”

• Hoge kwaliteit verzilverd koperen geleiders
• Massieve geleiders
• Lucht isolatie
• Individueel afgeschermde geleiders met 100% dekking
• Dikke koperen afscherming
• afgeschermde pluggen

Lengte 100cm = €849
Extra 25cm = €120



De TUBULUS Argentus Xs kabel is gebaseerd op hoge kwaliteit verzilverd koperen geleiders. Dit zijn massieve geleiders, want bij samengeslagen geleiders moet het signaal telkens van de ene naar de andere ader “springen”. Iets wat een grote bron van vervorming is.

De verzilverd koperen geleiders zijn voorzien van luchtisolatie, want lucht is (naast vacuüm) de beste elektrische isolator. Deze luchtisolatie is mogelijk door een buisjes constructie, die alleen met de hand vervaardigd kan worden.

De TUBULUS Argentus Xs kabel heeft individueel afgeschermde geleiders en tevens een dikke koperen afscherming. Om deze afscherming af te maken is de Xs kabel afgemonteerd met hoge kwaliteit aluminum Neutrik NLT8FX Speakon connectoren. Dit zorgt voor een 100% dekking.

TUBULUS Argentus Xs kabels zijn ontworpen voor Pass Labs versterkers zoals de Pass Labs Xs voorversterker, Xs Phono versterker, Xs 150 en Xs 300 eindversterkers.

TUBULUS high end audio kabels worden gemaakt met liefde, expertise en toewijding. zonder overbodige versieringen en luxe verpakkingen en zijn daarom echt waar voor uw geld!

Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen via: info@tubulus.net



  1. TONE Magazine

    In the case of the Tubulus Argentus Xs umbilical cable, this has been the easiest cable review I’ve ever done. While some of the online cognoscenti make outrageous claims for and against various cables, some of which cost as much as a nice pre-owned BMW M4, the Tubulus umbilicals offer out of this world value. At about $800 USD, in the context of a $38,000 preamplifier, or a $45,000 phonostage, this is a 2-3% upcharge. Normally I would say the cost is noise, but in this case, it’s the absence of noise that is so exiting. The Tubulus cables do not change the tonal balance in my system at all, and I like that. What they do accomplish is to lower the noise floor further and increase resolution. Also, the Tubulus cables don’t need much break in. They sounded excellent at plug in, and slightly smoother after a few days. A hallmark of a high-performance audio system is the way loud sounds smoothly and gently transition to quiet ones, and then off to nothing. This is another area I heard dramatic improvement with the Tubulus cables, digital playback sounds more like analog in this context. Everything auditioned has more texture, with more space between the notes than before. I am definitely buying the review pair, and ordering another pair for the XS Phono. That being said, I’m happy to award the Tubulus XS umbilical one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2020.
    TONE Magazine

  2. Claudio

    I did not really believe that just a different “umbilical cable” would make a significant difference in my fantastic Xs300. Well, it really does. Even tighter bass, more soundstage, more definition. And audibly so. Highly recommended.

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