Welcome on the TUBULUS website,
The website for affordable pure silver high-end audio cables with air insulation.

Why we use pure silver conductors.
TUBULUS high-end cables are based on pure silver conductors, because we are convinced that silver is the best conductor for audio signals. It’s the best electrical conductor of all metals and silver oxides are no problem for audio signals. Silver has the quality of sounding very clear, detailed, realistic and transparent. To enhance these good qualities, we threat the silver conductors with a special thermo-process.

Why we use air insulation
We are also convinced that air is the best dielectric for audio signals. Except for a vacuum, but that’s not very practical. Other dielectric materials absorb energy. This energy is released back into the conductor slightly delayed in time, which is an undesirable condition. Air insulation absorbs close to no energy at all which results in more depth and a open and wide stereo image.

The combination of pure silver and air insulation.
We have combined the pure silver conductors and air insulation in a unique tube construction, which can only be made by hand. The silver conductor and air insulation combination is unique in this price range!

True value for your money.
TUBULUS cables can compete easily with any other high-end cables which are twice or even 4 times its price! TUBULUS cables are hand crafted with love, expertise and devotion with no excess decoration or luxury packaging and therefore true value for your money!

For more information about TUBULUS feel free to contact us: info@tubulus.net

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