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TUBULUS Concentus – Analog Interconnect review
The Concentus Analog Interconnect is wonderfull! It is a big step above the JCT Module one which one was a big step above any other câble I had before including high-end JCT cables….
I’m able to listen music to lower volume level with the same, sorry, more pleasure (about 6 to 10db lower) with udge of details and how easy it is to follow singers than before.
it is very clear, detailed, a litte wider 3D image, top realistic, super transparent (more emotions than before and no harshness), and has “REALY NEUTRAL” sound (no sound signature added). I fall in love with these XLR cables.

TUBULUS Concentus – I2S Cable review
A week has passed and I’ve heard more than enough to conclude I am beyond impressed and happy with these HDMI cables. They refine every aspect of playback including musical truth, spatial portrayal, 3D soundstage, imaging specificity and size while still conveying overall large ensembles and voice groups plus pipe organ, etc.., top to bottom incredible speed, transients, tonal truth, “color of music”, etc.. and so forth, of my Grandioso stack even more than the AQ Firebird 48’s which are a great HDMI cable. The way you’ve built Tubulus Concentus HDMI is simply BETTER and HIGHER QUALITY in terms of construction, overall sound result, etc..

TUBULUS Concentus – Power Cable V2 review
It’s still early days regarding break in on the Tubulus Concentus power cord V2, but I could not hold back my excitement. I tried to use my previous power cord on my amplifier, and instantly the listening fatigue came back. Your Concentus is far superior compared to the Isotek Optimum (at almost twice the cost). I have sensitive ears, and you have been able to make a product that is free form grain in the high frequecies without sounding dull. I have another cable from Organic Audio, that also does this, but your cable has more authority and impact in the bass region. The Organic cable does not provide enough punch. People often say don’t look at cables to solve the issues regarding sound. I would rather say, make sure you sort the cables out before you start to upgrade other components. The fact is I really like the sound characteristics of my Exposure amplifier, but it needs to be matched with the right power cord.

TUBULUS Concentus – USB Cable review
I took some time to compare the Concentus USB cable with my trustworthy Shunyata Sigma USB. I am happy to tell you the Concentus was the clear winner in all aspects. That with the Concentus just ran for couple hours!
I also went to an audio friend’s home with 2 other guys. So total 4 of us. I brought the Concentus, Shunyata, & the JCAT. We had a lot of fun rolling usb cables. There was also a new Sablon which the owner raved about and the host uses (now used) an Intona Ultimate which is the dearest priced of the 5. The Concentus is regardless of price, the most balanced and musical. The CP ratio just blew everything away.

TUBULUS Concentus – I2S Cable review
This is an exceptional product. I gleaned this from the 1st 10 minutes and this has been confirmed with further listening. I am using it between P S Audios latest transport and DAC. Until late last year I was using the very well reviewed Nordost Heimdall 2 but then changed to Audioquest firebird 48 (all silver and used by P S Audio themselves). This cable was far superior to the Heimdall far more than I expected. However the Concentus easily outperforms it. Further as the Concentus, though not inexpensive, is quite a bit cheaper than the Firebird it is excellent value for money. Thanking you for your excellent service.

TUBULUS Libentus – Power Cable V3 review
The Tubulus Libentus power cable V3 works really great. Beautifuly open but also nice and quiet and certainly not aggressive.. I am very happy with it.

TUBULUS Concentus – I2S Cable & TUBULUS Argentus – Jumper Cables review
My new handmade speaker jumpers and i2S cable from Dutch Tubulus arrived on Monday 24th of January. Posted Friday and received Monday – thanks to DHL! I immediately connected the cables to the music system, turned up the volume and I almost fainted with surprise. I was expecting some improvement, but not close to what came out through the speakers. I will try to describe what I heard:
It is as if transparency has been added over the entire frequency range, which means better dynamics and tonal reproduction. Even with open eyes, it is as if the speakers have disappeared. The soundstage has opened up even more, and the elements I have previously complained about (high frequency noise) have disappeared. Cymbals sound like real instruments, made of precious metals. Female voices are full-bodied and clean, even when it comes to pronunciation of the critical T, ST and SH sounds (sibilance).
I can only dream about how it will sound when the cables are completely run in. The i2S cable connects the DDC and DAC and transports the i2S signal, after it has been converted from USB. Ideally, the Denafrips DDC should be an integrated part of the DAC. With the new i2s cable, it sounds like I got a much more expensive DAC!
Now, after almost 2 weeks with about 100 hours of use, it seems that the Concentus i2S delivers maximum, and the all-over cleaner sound especially in the upper register, and better micro dynamics is transferred to the electrostatic panels with renewed musical energy and without any kind of electrical noise or filtering.
I can highly recommend both the Tubulus Argentus speaker jumpers and the Tubulus Concentus i2S / HDMI cable.

TUBULUS Concentus – Digital Interconnect review
After 48 hours of playing I seriously listened to the Concentus digital interconnect. It indeed has a fuller midrange and a tighter low end compared to the Argentus. But it also has a more spatial image and more texture. The Argentus is good, but the Concentus plays a class above. Really great!

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
A quick note to let you know that the cable arrived yesterday. The cable is clearly very robust and I was surprised by its weight. I’ve had a listen to the cable and straight out of the box it was really impressive (noting you recommend some 100 hours of burn in time). Admittedly I was only using a $100 cable prior to that (ETI) – so that might not be a fair comparison. The mid and high frequency detail is impressive and the bass is much more pronounced. There is good balance and tonality and already improved sound stage. I also seemed to be able to comfortably turn up the volume without my wife complaining!! Thanks for the great service – and so far – great sounding cable.

TUBULUS Concentus – I2S Cable review
…Installed into the review system between a Denafrips Gaia re-clocker and the Terminator Plus DAC the Concentus delivered one of those rare aah moments as my brain registered a much-more-like-it degree of tonal density and dynamic expression.
Before, solid silver AES/EBU interconnects by both Gothic Audio and AudioQuest had been much preferred, and in pseudo blind tests with another member of the household toggling the input buttons on the Denafrips DAC it had been very easy to identify just by listening which connection was being used. Now, with the Concentus in the system, toggling the input showed that the previously wide gap between AES/EBU and I2S via HDMI had been closed.
Martin Tingvall’s When Light Returns is the Swedish piano player’s most recent solo album, released on Skip Records GmbH. For me it is one of the stand-out issues of 2021, not just because of Tingvall’s breathtaking lyricism, but also because the recording masterfully captures the sound of his piano with all its delicacy, its tonal complexity and its occasional power. Through the Concentus, when Tingvall used his left hand in the lowest octave to underpin an idea, the percussive and yet sonorous dynamic weight was given proper expression by the Concentus. On other material the Concentus continued to impress, sounding fast, open, tonally informative and with no hint of grain. If you simply can’t resist the siren song of the jitter theory, or have no choice but to use I2S via HDMI for other reasons, I cannot recommend the Tubulus Concentus more highly.
The Ear

TUBULUS Argentus – USB Cable review
The Tubulus Argentus USB cable is excellent with awesome price to performance ratio. Comparing to my trusted Shunyata Sigma V1 USB cable at 4 times the price. Your cable fared very well at least I didn’t notice a down grade in sound! Full of information and not aggressive and not thin.

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
…The audiophile grade i2S/HDMI cables arrived one/two weeks later, and time was up for the real test. First the Denafrips Hermes/Pontus combo with the Excelsior Bluewater Sommer HDMI cable. Already after a few hours — better impression compared to USB. But, the big change happened after the Tubulus Argentus i2S cable arrived. Manufacturer recommended long cable burn-in before evaluation (at least 100 hours), but already after 24 hours the Hermes/Pontus sounded really well. Now, after two weeks of cable burn-in, especially the lower midrange and bass sound superior and soundstage is even wider, more datailed and more precise, compared to USB. With the Tubulus Argentus cable listening to Hermes/Pontus is very, very good. The Hermes DDC does not colour the music, but the overall presentation reveal more focused vocals and musicians, even more details in the upper frequencies, more air and a fantastic lower midrange and bass, wide soundstage — all very much helped by the Tubulus Argentus i2S cable.
Denafrips News

TUBULUS Concentus – I2S Cable review
I’ve Been using the tubulus concentus i2s cable for a few days. It connects the 3d-lab nano network transport to the dac of the same brand. Immediatly, an incredibly wide stereo effect and an instrument rendering finesse that I did not expect. For example the roundness of the saxophone is wonderful. I hear the background sounds of the orchestra as if i was approaching the musicians. I understand that the cable needs quite some playing time to reach maximum result but already this i2s cable is a marvel.
Jean-Philippe B.

TUBULUS Concentus – I2S Cable review
Received the Tubulus Concentus i2s cable this morning. That was fast! First impression is very encouraging. Seems to be more prominent in the mid-range and more micro details (better timbre and more decay) which is much to my liking.
Ching Hong T.

TUBULUS Argentus – Xs Umbilical Cable review
In the case of the Tubulus Argentus Xs umbilical cable, this has been the easiest cable review I’ve ever done. While some of the online cognoscenti make outrageous claims for and against various cables, some of which cost as much as a nice pre-owned BMW M4, the Tubulus umbilicals offer out of this world value. At about $800 USD, in the context of a $38,000 preamplifier, or a $45,000 phonostage, this is a 2-3% upcharge. Normally I would say the cost is noise, but in this case, it’s the absence of noise that is so exiting. The Tubulus cables do not change the tonal balance in my system at all, and I like that. What they do accomplish is to lower the noise floor further and increase resolution. Also, the Tubulus cables don’t need much break in. They sounded excellent at plug in, and slightly smoother after a few days. A hallmark of a high-performance audio system is the way loud sounds smoothly and gently transition to quiet ones, and then off to nothing. This is another area I heard dramatic improvement with the Tubulus cables, digital playback sounds more like analog in this context. Everything auditioned has more texture, with more space between the notes than before. I am definitely buying the review pair, and ordering another pair for the XS Phono. That being said, I’m happy to award the Tubulus XS umbilical one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2020.
TONE Magazine

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
The Tubulus Argentus i2s cable HDMI to RJ45 has arrived and I’m very happy straight from the packaging. Excellent soundstaging etc and my existing XLR is no slouch. My Transport {source} is PS Audio DSMP using HDMI to send the I2S signal. My DAC is a Metrum Pavane Level 3 which for I2S uses a RJ45. Been seeking and searching the net every few months for such a cable for ages.
Steve G.

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
The Tubulus Argentus i2s cable is a very good cable. The highlight for me is the excellent powerful low end, very rich, dense mid range. Clean soundstage and great imaging. Your service is also excellent.
Alex G.

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
After about a week it is very easy to hear the difference. Soundstage improvements in depth and detail and more of a 3 dimensional presentation. Detailed but not bright, provides a very balanced sound.
Very happy I was able to find your product.
Bob M.

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
Just received the i2s cable this afternoon & immediately hooked it up in my system (cd transport to dac). I am a very happy man, even straight out of the box without any run in, the audio playback performance is definitely superior to any other existing audiophile i2s cable. no comparisons with coax or aes/ebu connections. pin point imaging, details, depth, 3d, bass slam, name it & improvements on all of them. looking forward to run in results with great anticipation…
Ramsey C.

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
Your Argentus i2s cable I purchased is utterly amazing, a sheer revelation. The $1,000 Wireworld Platinum HDMI cable (tried for over a month), the $500 Nordost Heindall HDMI cable (which I currently use for video only) and a hand-made audio-only i2s cable from Germany of unknown origin (tried for 3 weeks) could not begin to compare with your i2s cable. Music has never sounded so wonderful in my system (currently even without a preamp). This is simply the most transformative cable I have experienced. This 12s cable is a keeper. The sound I have heard from your cable (only with 70 hours of break-in) is full of air, transparency and presence as if I were in a concert hall.
Ray C.

TUBULUS Concentus – Power Cable review
I think the Tubulus Concentus power cables are fantastic. It took them some time to break in, and about a week ago they really started to bloom. I own a pair of Pass xa60.8 monoblocs which do much better with these copper pc’s than with silver ones. As soon as I digest these cords and the amps I intend to get three more of these cords. Btw, your Tubulus Argentus DB-25 umbilical cord made a huge difference on my Pass XP 20 pre-amp. You make truly excellent and aesthetically pleasing products, and I have been in this hobby long enough to know what is good and what is not.
David R.

TUBULUS Argentus – Xs Umbilical Cable review
I did not really believe that just a different “umbilical cable” would make a significant difference in my fantastic Xs300. Well, it really does. Even tighter bass, more soundstage, more definition. And audibly so. Highly recommended.

TUBULUS Argentus – DB-25 Cable V2 review
The TUBULUS Argentus DB-25 cables V2 are well received and already run a few days. My first impression is just amazing. I never thought that in my chain could change so much for the better. I’m very excited. Many thanks.
Rudi M.

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
The TUBULUS Argentus interconnects are running in nicely. There is now an effortless flow of information in a huge relaxed space. They are excellent. I’m really pleased.
Simon G.

TUBULUS Argentus – I2S Cable review
With the TUBULUS Argentus I2S cable the music gains in detail and it sounds spotlessly clean. There is lots of space making the stage wide and deep combined with a beautiful powerful and layered middle area. The improvements ensure increased involvement and you are dragged into the music. You get the feeling that nothing is getting in the way of the music, as if there is no cable at all. With the TUBULUS Argentus I2S cable the genuineness and naturalness of the string sounds has further increased. The small vibrations in a voice, the ridges in a guitar string, the soft details in the background, almost inaudible but oh so important, they all come out better.
Review Audio En Zo

TUBULUS Argentus – DB-25 Cable V2 review
The TUBULUS DB-25 cables arrived just fine with no issues at all. I connected the cables to my Pass Labs XP-30 on Saturday and right away noticed an improvement. These are really great cables and much better than the ones I received from Pass Labs. So I am very glad that I was able to find your cables!
Ed H.

TUBULUS Argentus – Power Cable V3 review
De Argentus power kabel V3 is geweldig! Zo dynamisch, gedetailleerd en zuiver. Ik moest zelfs mijn volumeknop een stuk terug draaien dan wat ik gewend ben. Ik ga mijn vinyl en cd verzameling weer herontdekken. Ik hoor instrumenten die ik daarvoor nog nooit eerder heb gehoord. Deze aankoop is het zeker waard!
Vriendelijke groet van een tevreden klant.
Gerard G.

TUBULUS Argentus – DB-25 Cable V2 review
The improvement concerning the sound is already remarkable although the Tubulus Argentus DB-25 cable has been in use for only 3 days now. I wonder what is still there to come after the burning in.
I do not want to be misunderstood, I was really not unhappy with the sound before replacing the cable and my estimation has been shared by other “audiophiles” when they listened to my system. But in this case the saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” has to be turned around to something like “You don’t know what you’ve been missing until it’s there”: The soundstage has become even more three-dimensional than before due to the many small details you get aware of now. The music often makes me want to close my eyes, my feet can’t keep from moving with the rhythm, emotions are created, sending shivers down my spine.
I am really very happy that I have seen your cable on the internet by mere coincidence. Thanks to the nice email contact ordering it was absolutely uncomplicated and shipping (for a custom made cable) very fast. Thank you very much for that again.
Bruno G.

TUBULUS Libentus – Analog interconnect review
The Libentus is a lively and neutral sounding interlink. Sound staging is deep and wide. Instrument placing is very good and the transparency is perfect. Sublow is very convincing and more importantly, also perfectly controlled. A nice, easy and very musical interlink which sounds much more expensive than it actually is.
Alpha Audio Alpha

TUBULUS Argentus – DB-25 Cable V2 review
The audible improvement with the Tubulus Argentus DB-25 cable can be compared with when you change a stock AC power cord with an audiophile quality one. More detail, more stability of the image, better frequency response, less veiled sound. A global improvement.
The shame is that a preamplifier with a list price in Italy of 12.500 euros is provided with a PC bulk DB-25 cable of  few euros, and not with a quality cable as the TUBULUS.
Aldo R.

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
The Tubulus Argentus is a lively and very neutral sounding interlink. One of the most neutral interlinks in this group test. Its high is lightly polished so that it never sounds to sharp. Its midrange is open, clean and very direct. You can clearly distinguish the layers in the recordings. The bass is never tickened and the Argentus only lets you hear sub low when there actually is sub low. And moreover it does so with great control. Reference recordings sound superior.

TUBULUS Argentus – Digital Interconnect review
I’m very happy with the Tubulus digital interconnect.
It’s a enormous improvement compared to my JK-acoustics reference digital interconnect.
A lot more detail and no longer sharp esses and tees.
Jannes H.

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
I’m very satisfied with the Tubulus Argentus interconnects.
In the beginning they had to be played in first, but now i’m experiencing a lot more depth and bass. I probably will purchase more Tubulus cables in the near future.
Herbert S.

TUBULUS Argentus – Speaker Cable review
With the Tubulus speaker cable you can hear more detail and depth in the music. It all sounds a bit more lively then with a copper speaker cable. Together with the right audio equipment it’s just breathtakingly beautiful!
Mark v.d. L.

TUBULUS Argentus – Speaker Cable / Interconnect / USB Cable review
I’ve tested the Tubulus cables extensively and I’m very impressed. A lot more 3D experience in the music! And with the Tubulus usb cable between my Ubuntu network player and dac, it significantly sounds better than with a standard usb cable. Now it’s really time to say goodbye to my cd player. It’s all just very good, because you can actually hear a live performance instead of the speakers. And that’s just what I’m looking for. So I’m very satisfied with the Tubulus interconnects, speaker cable and usb cable.
Hans S.

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
I connected the Tubulus interconnect between my Sennheiser HDVD DAC and my tube amplifier with new tubes and I must say it sounds really great! What the Tubulus cables reveal is a vivid and clear sound and above all it brings more depth.
So I’m very satisfied with them!
Leonard v.T.

TUBULUS Argentus Cables review
TUBULUS makes audio cables for the high-end audiophile. Several standard cables, but also custom cables. For me they made some very difficult cables, such as the power cable between the Pass Labs XP-20 power supply box and the preamplifier. But also the data and sync BNC cables between the two Totaldac Dual units. And they had to be exactly 75 ohms, no more, no less.
And then the most complicated ones: The two XLR adaptors for the Burmester 956 MK II. Two of those big whoppers in one XLR housing. If you still can guarantee your high quality, you must be really good….!
So… If I want a really good cable, I’ll send a message to TUBULUS.
Sonus Bonum

TUBULUS Argentus – Power Cable review
I’m very happy with the TUBULUS power cord for my Luxman M375 and I think I want one more for my Pre-amp.
You make a very good power cord and very good products.
Thank you
Vasile U.

TUBULUS Argentus – Power & Speaker Cable review
Review Mono and Stereo
TUBULUS cables kept the pace of the music intact and have revealed enough details and anchor points to keep my interest, even in a long listening sessions. I’ve might not have been sweetly seduced as with Skogrand SC Beethoven speaker cables, but hey they are multiplied by factor of 40x. Still, TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables still created a palpable illusion that was on the musical site and in the range of cables once priced far above its given price.

Medieval music might come as to simplistic for some, but in its simplicity it shows the true complexity when needed to be reproduced rightly. Un-amplified and in recorded in natural acoustic space the real reference can only be set as such. With both TUBULUS cables the most important building blocks of recreating the illusion of live musical event were there in an interesting, capable amount.


TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables comes with down to earth pricing and performance, that ignites music listening with enough pace to make it profoundly interesting. It’s a solid fact high-end audio cables makes all the difference. The questions is only how much and at what price?

TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables performance not only truly match its price range, but surpasses it by far. TUBULUS team managed to keep the musicality untouched while still following pace of the music with an impressive speed and timing. Rarely seen at this price rage the potency of immersion into the musical events was something to talk about very positively.

TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables should for sure be more then worthy of the attention for those willing to step into the high-end audio cabling or upgrade their existing high-performance wire connection.
Mono and Stereo

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect & USB Cable review
I use a set of Tubulus Argentus interconnects between a Teac UD-501 DAC and a VanMedevoort CA460 pre amplifier and the Tubulus USB cable between my Macbook Pro, powered by a Paul Hynes SR7 power supply and the DAC.
The Tubulus cables are handmade pieces of technological art.
Besides the fact that they look real fancy they provide a unsurpassed sound quality in which you can point out each and every detail in the stereo spectrum.
What is the use of playing lossless FLAC or WAV files if you play them thru a lossy copper cable? Therefore I full heartedly recommend the Tubulus cables.
One happy camper
Ronald W.

TUBULUS Argentus – Subwoofer Cable review
After some playing time I have listened carefully to the Tubulus subwoofer cables. I compared them with the Nordost Bassline SW cables which are about the same pricing as the Tubulus Argentus subwoofer cables. It is difficult to compare subwoofer cables, but my impression is that the Tubulus is cleaner and more defined.
Harrie V.

TUBULUS Argentus – Digital Interconnect review
After connecting the Tubulus Argentus digital interlink, I listened intently.
My compliments, it’s very good.
I compared it with a NFO digital interconnect, the Nordost Silver Shadow (€ 550,-) and the Stealth Varidig Sextet ($ 2700,-).
Of all these digital interconnect I find the Tubulus digital interconnect clearly the best.
Harrie V.

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
I’m very satisfied about the Tubulus interconnect, much more than I thought I would.
Very detailed cable that I’m sure can’t be found elsewhere in the current market for this price. So I’m very happy I made a good investment.
Thank you.
Daniel C.

Original Review (French)
Très satisfait du Tubulus câble, sont beaucoup plus que je pense.
Tres détaillé qualité prix je crois que on trouver pas sûr le marché actuel.
Donc je suis très satisfait je fait une bonne investissements.
Daniel C.

TUBULUS Argentus – USB Cable review
I received the Tubulus USB cable in good order.
Apart from the fact that it looks good, it sounds warm and detailed.
Definitely worth the investment.
Ronald W.

TUBULUS Argentus – Speaker Cable / Interconnect / USB Cable review
I have the Tubulus interconnect, usb cable and speaker cable in my possession for a month now.
The great detail and placement is just scary.
Sometimes a little clean, shortly after connecting the new cables.

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
The Tubulus interconnect is just brilliant. The finishing and materials that are used are great.
The first thing that comes to mind when listening to the Tubulus interconnect is ease, openness, clarity and musicality.
When the Tubulus interconnect has had the necessary playing time, it’s time for some critical listening  … We can be very short about this Tubulus: it sounds just as detailed as other high end quality silver cables. The sound is: open, honest, true to life with a touch of warmth. What makes it gentle and pleasant.
The real strength of the Tubulus is vocals and separation of instruments. In sound balance as in soundstage. Everything is very natural and there is never a hint of confusion or agitation in the sound.
In short, ease everywhere. And that’s a strength that you only find in more expensive high-end cables.
Eise Willemsma

TUBULUS Argentus – Speaker Cable / Interconnect / Power Cable review
It’s very nice to be able to listen to the Tubulus Argentus – Interconnect, – Power cable and – Speaker cable in my own environment and on my own audio set. After opening the box I can only conclude that they look very nice. They exude sheer quality: beautiful connectors, beautiful braiding and beautifully fitted and finished.
First impression Tubulus:
After connecting the cables I’ve let them play in the background during the day. In the evening I played various music for an hour. The experience is great. This is so beautiful! Ease, space, detail. But what is even more important: on a scale of authenticity perception and listening pleasure I gave my audio set an 8 and with the Tubulus cables it’s definitely worth a 9 to me.
Into the music:
Each time the circumstances allowed me to sit down and test the Tubulus cables I was fascinated by the music. I played music I know very well and every time I was surprised by the tranquility and spaciousness. Playing acoustic music it’s the purity and authenticity that strikes me. When playing heavy numbers you don’t tend to turn down the volume (sorry neighbors .. ). And when playing electronic music you really notice the spaciousness.
The Tubulus cables are really serious stuff. Beautifully made and wonderful music playback. For my audio installation, a real added value to enjoy music.
Rob Luiken

TUBULUS Argentus – Analog Interconnect review
The Tubulus Argentus interconnect sounds beautiful. Very beautiful.In fact, I’ve never heard my audio set sound so beautiful! Not the sharpness that I expected from a silver cable. I’m enjoying it immensely! The Tubulus interconnect filters nothing away and is a tremendous asset with great ease, space and detail. Tubulus delivers a very fine product.
Is the Tubulus Argentus Interconnect true value for its money? For me it sure is. I have spent more money on things that yielded less improvement. For me the improvement must be in proper relation to the price. And that’s certainly the case. The Tubulus also performs excellent compared to the alternatives. Alternatives which are often mass products and not handicrafted. The Tubulus can easily compete with MIT or Siltech.

TUBULUS Argentus – USB Cable review
In my search for a high-end USB cable I had on trial for a week the AudioQuest Carbon, AudioQuest Coffee and Tubulus Argentus USB cable. Before I listened to them, I’ve let them play for a night.
Listening test AudioQuest Carbon :
In comparison with a standard USB cable, the sound was a lot more open, more details .
Listening test AudioQuest Coffee:
Here it began to sound really interesting. All just a bit more of everything (like effects in the music). Break in time was the shortest.
Listening test Tubulus Argentus:
Initially the same as the Coffee only it seemed as if the high tones were less present. What didn’t bother me. Gradually it became clear that the micro detail in the music was easier to hear and that there were certainly high tones but with more tranquility. It was also like being there with the performing artists.
And when I played the “2 meter sessions” CD the moment came for me that I knew “this is it”! The 3D-soundstage or how you may call it was very special, Here the Tubulus really stood out from the rest. I’ve also listened to the Buena Vista Social Club with the Coffee and Argentus Black and the conclusion was the same for me. With the Tubulus Argentus, it’s like being in the same space as the performing artist. Which is great! The sound of the piano has also more depth.
Conclusion :
I think I have been clear enough, My choice is the Tubulus Argentus USB cable!
Anton M.