Tubulus Concentus USB Cable

Very neutral and detailed USB cable, with a powerful low end, very rich mid range and a excellent sound staging!

• Pure silver conductors
• Semi-solid concentric conductors
• Separated power and audio conductors
• Air insulation
• Special thermo-process
• Skin effect filtering shield
• High twist rate EMI cancellation
• Shielding with 100% coverage
• Also Dual Head version available

Length 50cm = €399 apiece
Extra 25cm = €80



The TUBULUS Concentus USB Cable is based on pure silver conductors. These are semi-solid concentric conductors to minimize strand interaction, which is a major source of distortion.

The conductors are surrounded by mainly air, because (next to a vacuum) air is the best dielectric.

With a special thermo-process the silver conductors are restructured at a molecular level to reach a quality close to mono crystal silver. The conductors are also twisted with a high twist rate for the purposes of minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI).

To preserve signal integrity the power conductors are physically separated from the audio conductors. With this construction there are 4 layers of shielding separating the power and audio conductors.

To prevent radio frequency interference (RFI) from modulating the ground reference skin effect filtering is applied to the shield. This is a very effective way to eliminate noise and RFI before it reaches the component.

The cable is finished with shielded plugs which are soldered with silver containing solder. All this makes it an unique usb cable.

The TUBULUS Concentus USB Cable is also available as a dual head version, which has separate usb-a plugs for power and audio.

TUBULUS Concentus USB cables are hand crafted with love, expertise and devotion with no excess decoration or luxury packaging and therefore true value for your money!

A high end USB cable may sound like nonsense. After all it’s just 1’s and 0’s it has to transport. Any USB cable can do that. But those 1’s and 0’s have to be transported by a bunch of electrons traveling through a wire and electrons don’t know if they are ‘analog’ or ‘digital’. In fact, all electrical signals are analogue.

However, the digital signal is different; it is a pulse train, a square wave instead of a sine. But a perfect square wave doesn’t exist, because transition from one to zero requires time. So there is always a rise/fall time and the edges of the square wave will be rounded. In fact the square wave is a kind of trapezium with rounded edges.

Depending on the quality of the cable, the corners of the square wave will round off to a greater or lesser degree and the “flat” portions of the wave will become uneven as well. Small changes will make it harder for the receiver to detect the exact moment the rise or fall is happening. This will induce jitter. And if the changes become too big, the receiver will not even be able to reconstruct the logical 1’s and 0’s properly.

This is why a high quality USB cable like the TUBULUS Concentus can make great improvements in sound quality.

For custom cables feel free to contact us. info@tubulus.net