Tubulus Concentus Speaker Cable

Very neutral and detailed speaker cable, with a realistic, transparent, open and wide stereo image and with a powerful defined bass. Unique speaker cable!

Review quote: “…The Concentus is so perfect as to embarrass all the rest. It is probably the best on earth, so my quest is over….”

• Pure silver and silvered copper conductors
• Solid core conductors
• Conductors of 4 different diameter
• Air insulation
• Handmade tube construction
• Special thermo-process
• High quality gold plated spades and banana plugs

Length 100cm = €1199 per pair
Extra 50cm = €300



The TUBULUS Concentus Speaker Cable is a truly unique speaker cable. Especially in its price range but certainly also above that. It’s based on a huge amount of high quality pure silver and silvered copper conductors. Twice as much as our Argentus Speaker Cable V4. These are solid core conductors to prevent strand interaction, which is a major source of distortion.

The conductors are individually insulated and surrounded by air, because (except for a vacuum) air is the best dielectric. This air insulation is made possible by our unique tube construction, which can only be made by hand.

The Tubulus Concentus Speaker Cable consists of various diameter solid core conductors. Because every diameter has its own musical character. These are 4 types of different diameter. The pure silver conductors are also treated with a special thermo-process (not cryo) to reallign the monocular structure.

The TUBULUS Concentus Speaker Cable is available with high quality gold plated banana plugs or spades, which are soldered with silver containing solder.

TUBULUS Concentus speaker cables are hand crafted with love, expertise and devotion with no excess decoration or luxury packaging and therefore true value for your money!

Most audio wire has extruded insulation, where the insulation material is in intimate and immediate contact with the conductor along its entire length. This forms the dielectric of the wire, which has a tendency to absorb and release energy to and from the conductor. The occurrence of this phenomenon produces negative sonic affects. Dielectric constant measurements are used to determine the ability of an insulator to store electrical energy. Common insulator materials and their dielectric constants are Teflon (2.1), polyethylene (2.25) and polyvinyl chloride PVC (3.18). The best practical dielectric is air, which has the near-perfect lowest dielectric constant (1.00059) next to a vacuum (which has a perfect dielectric constant of 1). That’s why TUBULUS uses air insulation.

For custom cables feel free to contact us. info@tubulus.net



  1. John Z.

    Your Concentus speaker cables are truly amazing! I spent two years listening to as many brands of speaker cables as I could find and I bought several of the best along the way (Nordost Odin 2, Siltech, etc.) until I found Silversmith Fidelium. It was FAR better than all the rest (and at only $1195 for a 2.5 meter pair, among the least expensive as well) and I was skeptical that there was anything on the planet that could be even better regardless of cost.
    Well, Tubulus Concentus is so much better than Fidelium that only a deaf man could fail to hear the difference; and it only takes a few seconds with familiar recordings. It is better in every way I can hear. The Concentus is so perfect as to embarrass all the rest. It is probably the best on earth, so my quest is over. My system is as neutral as I can make it, so I don’t need to use wires as tone controls. The Concentus is a masterpiece in every way.
    John Z.

  2. Remy D.

    As soon as my JCT speaker one cables were replaced by my new Concentus speaker cables, I said to myself, something is happening, more basses, treble in perfect balance with the rest of the bandwidth while providing more details. As expected, after a few dozen hours of lovely music, my Concentus speaker cables have left my old cables far behind, a balance between the lowest frequencies (lower and more present basses as well more precise than JCTs) up to at the highest note having completely lost all hardness and superb refinement.
    Already, at this stage I am very satisfied but it was without counting on the rest of the break-in. The hours passed and the sound progressed steadily then, in the space of 3 to 4 days! The sound stage is enlarged, much more precise still, an in-depth and majestic 3D plan and I had never heard a qualitative leap of this kind and yet, I hear it, my friends hear it. My walls fade away in front of a musical scene with a large orchestra where the precision is fantastic, each performer in a specific place both in width and depth.
    You will understand, these cables are wonderful, the good quality is simply prodigious and impossible to imagine before having plugged them in.
    Go back? Never in my life have I been addicted to the intense pleasure they provide.
    Every one should be able to have this experience which is incredible.
    Remy D.

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