Tubulus Libentus i2s Cable

Very musical and detailed i2s cable, with a realistic open and width stereo image!

• Large high quality copper conductors
• Solid core conductors
• individually shielded conductors
• High twist rate EMI cancellation
• 2 layers of effective shielding
• High quality shielded HDMI plugs

Length 50cm = €179 apiece
Extra 25cm = €20



The TUBULUS Libentus i2s cable is based on large high quality copper conductors. These are solid core conductors to prevent strand interaction, which is a major source of distortion. The conductors are twisted with a high twist rate for the purposes of cancelling out electromagnetic interference (EMI). To preserve signal integrity the conductors are individually shielded. An overall braiding and high quality shielded HDMI plugs completes this shielding so that a 100% coverage is guaranteed.

The TUBULUS Libentus i2s cable is specifically designed for i2s LVDS signal transport and therefor is not suitable as a standard HDMI TV cable. All this makes it much better than any high end hdmi cable if used for i2s signal transport.

TUBULUS Libentus i2s cables are hand crafted with love, expertise and devotion with no excess decoration or luxury packaging and therefore true value for your money!

For custom cables feel free to contact us. info@tubulus.net
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TUBULUS Libentus i2s kabel
• Hoge kwaliteit puur koperen geleiders
• Massieve geleiders
• Individueel afgeschermde geleiders
• Hoge twistingsgraad voor EMI vermindering
• 2 lagen afscherming met 100% dekking
• Hoge kwaliteit afgeschermde HDMI pluggen