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TUBULUS Argentus Black – USB Cable

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The Tubulus Argentus Black – USB cable is based on pure silver conductors, because silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals and silver oxides are no problem for audio signals. The pure silver conductors are surrounded by partially air, because air is the best dielectric (except for a vacuum) of all. The pure silver conductors are treated with a special thermo-process (not cryo) to enhance the good qualities of silver and are placed behind 2 layers of  thick copper shielding. To preserve signal integrity the power conductor is fully isolated from the signals conductors and equipped with RF-filtering, which is unique!

All this results in a very clear and detailed cable, with a realistic, transparent, open and width stereo image! This is the best high end USB cable in its price level!

For custom cables feel free to contact us. info@tubulus.net


  1. :

    I received the Tubulus USB cable in good order.
    Apart from the fact that it looks good, it sounds warm and detailed.
    Definitely worth the investment.
    Ronald W. (Tubulus Customer)

    Orignal Review (Dutch)
    Ik heb de Tubulus USB kabel in goede orde ontvangen.
    Los van het feit dat ie er mooi uitziet klinkt ie warm en gedetaileerd.
    Zeker de investering waard.
    Ronald W.

  2. :

    In my search for a high-end USB cable I had on trial for a week the AudioQuest Carbon, AudioQuest Coffee and Tubulus Argentus Black USB cable. Before I listened to them, I’ve let them play for a night.

    Listening test AudioQuest Carbon :
    In comparison with a standard USB cable, the sound was a lot more open, more details .

    Listening test AudioQuest Coffee:
    Here it began to sound really interesting. All just a bit more of everything (like effects in the music). Break in time was the shortest.

    Listening test Tubulus Argentus Black:
    Initially the same as the Coffee only it seemed as if the high tones were less present. What didn’t bother me. Gradually it became clear that the micro detail in the music was easier to hear and that there were certainly high tones but with more tranquility. It was also like being there with the performing artists.

    And when I played the “2 meter sessions” CD the moment came for me that I knew “this is it”! The 3D-soundstage or how you may call it was very special, Here the Tubulus really stood out from the rest. I’ve also listened to the Buena Vista Social Club with the Coffee and Argentus Black and the conclusion was the same for me. With the Tubulus Argentus Black, it’s like being in the same space as the performing artist. Which is great! The sound of the piano has also more depth.

    Conclusion :
    I think I have been clear enough, My choice is
    the Tubulus Argentus Black USB cable!
    Anton M. (Tubulus Customer)

    Original Review (Dutch):
    In mijn zoektocht naar een high-end USB-kabel heb ik een week lang de Audioquest Carbon, Audioquest Coffee en de Tubulus Argentus Black USB-kabel op proef gehad. De kabels heb ik eerst een nacht laten inspelen voordat ik ging luisteren.

    Luistertest met de Audioquest Carbon:
    In vergelijk met een standaard USB kabel was het geluid al een stuk opener, meer details.

    Luistertest met de Audioquest Coffee:
    Hier begon het geluid echt interessant te worden, alles net even iets meer.(effecten in de opnamen). Het inspelen was hier wel het korts nodig.

    Luistertest met de Tubulus Argentus Black:
    In eerste instantie hetzelfde als de Coffee alleen iets minder hoog. Wat ik op zich niet erg vind. Langzaam werd duidelijk dat het micro detail in het geluid makkelijker te horen was en dat het hoog er zeker wel was maar met meer rust. Het was ook als of je net iets meer bij de optredende artiesten aanwezig bent.

    Na verloop van tijd was ook de CD van de “2 meter sessies” aan de beurt en hier kwam voor mij het moment “dit is het helemaal”. De 3D weergave of soundstage of hoe je dit
    verder wil benoemen was erg bijzonder, hier sprong de Tubulus er echt
    met kop en schouders boven uit. Ook met de Buena Vista Social Club heb ik de
    Coffee en de Argentus Black een paar keer achter elkaar beluisterd en de conclusie
    was voor mij hetzelfde. De ervaring dat je in de ruimte staat als of je
    aanwezig bent is bij de Tubulus Argentus Black geweldig! Ook de klank van de piano heeft meer diepgang gekregen (aanslag en naklank).

    Ik denk dat ik wel duidelijk genoeg ben geweest. Mijn keuze is geworden
    de Tubulus Argentus Black USB-kabel!
    Anton M.

  3. :

    I was quite sceptic about special audio USB-cables. But after trying the Tubulus Argentus Black USB-cable I realize it’s no fable. This cable made the biggest difference a cable has ever made in my audio setup! And I have heard many. Everything fell into place. The sound is very clean and revealing with a great stereo image and depth.
    Edward G. (Tubulus customer)

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